Bag Lady FAQ

* What are your hours?

Open Daily 7:30am to 6:30pm

Mid April to Mid September

Call us for reservations: 907-422-7257

* Are you available outside of your open hours?

Yes, call and book an appointment ahead of time so we know when to expect you and confirm services.

* What are your rates?

Drop-off/Pick-up/Delivery within Seward City Limits:

These are our full price rates. You can save the most money by using our book now feature and scheduling your services in advance.

  • $11 Carry-on or booster seat

  • $15 Checked-size bag or car seat

  • $15 Bags over 50lbs

  • $15 Overnight storage

  • $15 Out of Town Delivery Fee (anything north of the train depot)

  • $35 Bikes, surfboards or other large items is per day.

* Do you pick-up anywhere?

Yes. Although, we do not go to Lowell Point or past mile 8 On AK1.

We pick-up at:

  • Dale R Lindsey Cruise Ship terminal

  • Train Station

  • Small Boat Harbor

  • Motel/Hotel/BNB/Friends (within mile marker 8)

  • Or where ever you happen to be.

* Do you transport people?

No, sorry, just non-living items.

* What is your typical schedule?

  • 8:00 - 10:30 Dale R. Lindsey Cruise Ship Terminal

  • 10:30 - 11:00 Arranged pick-up/drop-off

  • 11:00 - 11:30 Alaska Railroad Train Depot

  • 11:30 - 12:30 Lunch

  • 12:30 - 1:15 Arranged pick-up/drop-off

  • 1:30 - 2:00 Dale R Lindsey Cruise Ship Terminal

  • 2:00 - 2:30 Seward Small Boat Harbor

  • 2:40 - 4:30 Open/arranged

  • 4:40 - 5:15 Alaska Railroad Train Depot

  • 5:30 - 6:15 Seward Small Boat Harbor

* Do you transport people?

No, sorry, just non-living items.

* Where will you drop-off?

  • Any hotel/motel/BNB up to Mile 8 On AK1/Seward Highway.

  • Seward Small Boat Harbor Master’s Office in front of Plaza Boat Anchor.

  • Dale R Lindsey Cruise Ship Terminal

  • Alaska Railroad Train Depot

* Do I have to be present for delivery?

We can check your luggage for you at the Cruise Ship Terminal and Train Depot. Also, we can make arrangements to deliver your luggage regardless of whether or not you have checked in to your hotel in most cases

* What if I can't make it at the arranged time?

We ask that you arrive at your scheduled time or call us. Please be courteous to other travelers as we have many deliveries to make throughout the day

* Can I leave my bags with the front desk of my hotel and have you pick them up?

If your hotel agrees to place them in a secure area until our scheduled pick-up time.

* What forms of payment do you accept**?**

We take Cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard.

+ I have fragile items in my bag, what happens if it breaks while you are storing it?

It is regrettable when something gets damaged. So, please communicate with us if you have a fragile item within your belongings. Refrain from giving us things like expensive alcohols, artwork, musical instruments, priceless jewelry, or irreplaceable breakables

* I am getting on a cruise ship and I can check in during a large block of time. How will that work when I want to board during a time your are otherwise scheduled?

When you have luggage going to the cruise terminal we ask that you have your cruise tags attached to your luggage, tag every peice. We will check your bags with the cruise terminal for you. Be aware we will check every bag you have asked us to check and when they are delivered they may not all arrive in your room at the same time. Have no fear, they WILL all make it to your room.

+ I didn't get my luggage from you as I was busy/stuck/forgot…..what do I do?

Forgotten luggage left with us will be charged $12 a day per bag. Bags left for 30 days will be forfeit and disposed of.

* I forgot to call when I cemented plans and now I am in some other place and I don't have my luggage. Can you ship it to me?

Yes, we can ship your luggage for the fee of $150 plus shipping expenses and storage fees due in advance. Payment can be arranged.


Privacy Notice

We request information from you on our check in form when guest submit their luggage. To buy from us, you must provide contact information (like name, shipping address, & phone number) and financial information (like credit card number, expiration date). This information is used for billing purposes and to pay for our service. If we have trouble processing an order, we'll use this information to contact you.

Thank you!

Do you still have questions? Contact us at 907.422.7257 or