The Alaskan Bag Lady
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Adventure Without the Luggage

The Alaskan Bag Lady is a locally owned and operated small business in Seward,Alaska. Our objective is to allow visitors to have the opportunity to explore the Seward area for the day without worrying about their belongings. We do not have a business location as we are always on the move picking up, storing, and delivering luggage throughout the day from the Dale R. Lindsay Cruise Ship Terminal and the Alaska Railroad Depot.

This business is owned by Heather Bardarson, who has lived in Seward for over 30 years, was educated in Alaska, and will forever call the Great Land home.

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  • Small Bag: $6.00 per bag

    • Carry On or Smaller

  • Large Bag: $10.00 per bag

    • Checked Bag, Under 50 lb

  • Booster Seat: $6.00 each

  • Car Seat: $10.00 each

    • Additional fee for large car seats

  • Miscellaneous Item: $25.00

    • Bikes, Surf Board, etc.

  • Out of Town Pick-Up/Drop-Off: $10.00

    • Resurrection River to Mile 8 Seward Hwy

  • Overnight Storage:$12.00 per item

  • Overweight Bag: $12.00 per item

    • Over 50 lb