Meet the Alaskan Bag Ladies

Get off the train, cruise ship, or bus and drop off your belongings with us. We will keep your luggage in our storage. Allowing you the freedom to go on an adventure without worrying about your stuff! We will even deliver your belongings at your place of lodging when your day is through. 

Heather Alaskan Bag Lady IMG_3293.jpg

Heather Bardarson - The Alaskan Bag Lady

This Seward grown woman has lived in here for over 30 years, was educated in Alaska, and will forever call the Great Land home. She is a mother of three beautiful children and loves having visitors stay in Seward! This whole bag thing was her idea…


Amber Stoddard - The Alaskan Bag Lady’s Manager

Amber is originally from Puyallup, Washington. She now calls Alaska home, having moved to Seward in 2018 with her husband. She is a mother to three grown children and grandmother to one perfect little girl, that she fills her winters with sewing clothes for.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide visitors to Seward, Alaska a hands-free experience by insuring that you don't have to burden yourself hauling around luggage. Receive your belongings in your State Room, Anchorage Train Depot, Bus, or Hotel/BNB effortlessly. We want our customers to enjoy Seward without having to worry about their bags.