Meet the Alaskan Bag Ladies

Get off the train, cruise ship, or bus and chat with us in person, we would love to fill you in on all the great things there is to do in the city of Seward. You can also find ways to get around town, our favorite food’s, and places go on the “Getting Around” page.


Amber Stoddard - Owner/Manager

Amber is originally from Puyallup, Washington. She now calls Alaska home, having moved to Seward in 2018 with her husband she is taking the Alaska way of life to heart. Do not be shocked if she drops off your luggage in her fishing waders.

“Be the one in the end with a great story, not the one saying I wish I would have!” -ME


Our Hope:

Is that you get to enjoy our town as much as we do!

Receive your belongings in your State Room, Anchorage Train Depot, Bus, or Hotel/BNB effortlessly. We want our visitors to enjoy Seward without worrying about their luggage.